About Our Program

About Us

Meadowlark Academy is a 4E eligible Residential Treatment Center that offers young men and women opportunities for positive change through interventions and strategies that are based on relevant research and Rite of Passage’s three decades of successful youth programming.

Our commitment to improving the lives of youth, families and communities and our understanding of the populations we serve helped guide the development of a program model that emphasizes positive change and goal attainment.

The program subscribes to the four principles of effective intervention:
risk, needs, treatment and fidelity. By using these principles as our foundation, Meadowlark Academy strives to guide youths’ positive behavior while simultaneously reducing the probability of recidivism.


Through a partnership with the Wyoming Department of Education, Meadowlark Academy will feature an on-site Institutional School for Court Ordered Placements (COP) that offers credit remediation, special education as well as career and technical training. Education staff work in collaboration with our students, their families and home school districts to provide an academic experience that meets all of their unique needs. Providing a quality education is essential to the success of our students, and equips them with the tools they need to build a bright and meaningful future.

Treatment Services

Meadowlark Academy’s treatment program is designed to meet the specific needs of Wyoming’s delinquent youth. Evidence-based cognitive behavioral approaches target risk factors, while structured social learning interventions are utilized to model new skills and positive behaviors. Through a comprehensive dual-track approach, youth will be provided individualized care that specifically addresses their unique risks and needs.

Intense Therapeutic Intervention.
The Intense Therapeutic Intervention program will address students’ needs within a 120 day (or less) time frame. A licensed therapist creates an individual treatment plan for each student that focuses on addressing specific risk factors in order to provide targeted interventions and effective treatment within the short length of stay.

Enhanced Intervention.
Within the initial 30 days of placement, Case Managers will determine whether a student needs additional treatment in order for effective behavioral change to take place. If a youth exhibits higher risk factors and the need for additional hours of treatment and intervention, a new plan will be created in coordination with the placement agency for an Enhanced Intervention program.

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