Trauma-Informed Care Model

At Meadowlark Academy, our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to process trauma in a restorative manner. We strive to help these youth understand and address their behaviors effectively, enabling them to optimize their treatment outcomes.

In a paradigm of trauma-informed care, staff members respond to students through a specialized critical lens, acknowledging that maladaptive behaviors and dysfunctional relationships often stem from traumatic experiences. This mindset enables our staff to demonstrate patience, understanding, and empathy towards these behaviors, while also offering the necessary structure and accountability for successful community reintegration upon program completion.

Treatment Services

Meadowlark’s treatment program is Medicaid-eligible, licensed by the Department of Health and designed to meet the unique needs of the youth in our care. 

    • Individual, group and family therapy, and case management services.

    • Evidence-based, cognitive behavioral and trauma-informed approaches that target risk factors.

    • Structured social learning interventions that assist youth in modeling new skills and positive behaviors.

    • Licensed Therapists create individualized treatment plans for each youth, designed to address their unique risk, needs, and treatment goals.

Education & Vocation Opportunities 

Through partnership with the Wyoming Department of Education, Meadowlark Academy features an on-site school for Court Ordered Placements (COP) that offers credit remediation and special education, as well as career and technical training. Our school program features a blended learning model that incorporates use of Edgenuity and HiSec learning platforms. We understand the importance of providing a high-quality education for our students, and therefore, we strive to empower them with the necessary tools to build a bright and meaningful future. 

Extracurricular Opportunities

Meadowlark’s extracurricular program provides students with valuable opportunities to participate in normalized and prosocial activities that enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. Extracurricular opportunities include:  

    • Athletics such as yoga, dance, running
    • Equine program 
    • Culturally relevant recreational activities
    • On-campus clubs focused on history, literature, music, and art 



Meadowlark Academy offers a specialized Adolescent Sexually Maladaptive Program (ASMP). This program focuses on addressing and treating inappropriate and sexually maladaptive behaviors in youth, helping them recover and reshape their thought patterns and behaviors for a brighter future. 

The ASMP utilizes a trauma-informed approach, recognizing that the youth’s past traumatic experiences can profoundly influence their thinking, emotions, behaviors, and response to treatment. Staff receive training that focuses on understanding the relationship between trauma and its symptoms, as well as trauma-specific interventions.

By combining trauma-informed care and evidence-based practices, we create a supportive and healing environment where youth in the ASMP can work towards recovery, growth, and positive change.